The GoodCarb Food Company has all the ingredients for healthy living thanks to founders Dr Mick Shaw and his wife Lizi, after whom the brand was named They are true foodies with a sound background in both organic farming and science.

They set up the company in 2003 with a view to combining their lifelong love of food with their experience of farming, food, and science. The idea was to promote that sense of wellbeing induced by good food without creating the artificial blood sugar fluctuations produced by so many convenience foods.
It is now generally understood that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and some breakfast recipes are proven to set you up for the day better than others by keeping you feeling fuller for longer; releasing energy slowly; and helping you to sustain that great morning feeling for as long as possible.

Lizisgranola have proven Low Glycemic Load (GL), which is one of the most important indicators of how food affects blood sugar levels. In short, this is the number you need to keep an eye on if you want to keep your blood sugar stable.

Lizis Granola uses a mix of Oats, Nuts, Almonds, Cashews and many other such naturally healthy ingredients to ensure that you remain fuller for the whole day, all making you feel great too.

  • Lizis Treacle and Pecan Granola
  • Lizis Organic Granola
  • Lizis Original Granola
  • Lizis Belgian Chocolate Granola
  • Lizis Pink Apple and cinnamon Granola
  • Lizis Passionfruit Pistachio Granola
  • Lizis Mango Macadamia Granola