” Enriching relationships by creating value “

The JOHARS Group is Still a closely held family-run business, which believes in the importance of age-old values and good ethics in business, with the added modern imperative of speed of implementation.

The Group blends this intrinsic nature with its global expertise in business, gained through years of corporate experience of its Directors in Europe, USA and Asia as well as over 65 years of local/ on-the-ground experience in India.

This has enabled them to deliver superior performance in diverse cultural environments, and consistently ensure highest satisfaction levels.

This unique ability has created a solid reputation and goodwill for the Group, wherever it operates. With a philosophy oriented towards building lasting bonds, through identifying common goals and working towards fulfilling them, the JOHARS Group is focussed on enriching its relationships with utmost value.

With a strong ethical foundation and fairness in operation, the group continuously strives to be better partners in business and work in close relationships with organisations:

  • Looking to add new products to their market offerings as well as
  • Evaluating new markets for their current offerings

The direction of the company has been set by its founder; enhanced by succeeding generations with the basic foundation being the same – offering a superior quality experience and a better relation in the value chain.


  • I’m thankful that you and your group are very much focused in each client and help them in good trade, sales and marketing.